This GENIUS World Book Day costume will save you a small fortune, and it takes seconds to make

I have thought long and hard about World Book Day costumes this year, and I came up with a solution that has already reached 900,000 people on Facebook. It takes seconds to make, and it will save you a small fortune. Here it is:

He’s going as the main character from Roald Dahl’s timeless classic ‘The Boy Who Just Went To School In Normal Sodding Uniform Because His Parents Were Sick And Tired Of Spunking £20 A Time On Some Polyester Piece Of Crap That He Will Only Wear Once Anyway As His School Needs To Appear All Creative And Stuff For Ofsted And It’s Only A Few Days Before Poxy Red Nose Day Anyway So They Will Get Rogered For Some Sort Of Sponsored Bollocks As Well.’

On the other hand, I am also a real stickler for costumes being based on books and NOT movies, and so my daughter will be going to pre-school dressed as Woody from the classic French novel L’Histoire Des Jouets by Albert Camus:

I hope that these ideas have given you some inspiration. Please don’t forget that the event isn’t some sort of willy waving contest between parents to make the best possible outfit (or whatever the female equivalent of ‘willy waving’ is).