This is proof that network marketing and MLM businesses DO work

A lot of people have been asking me about how we have paid for our all-inclusive week in Mexico, and so I will let you all in on a little secret.

For the past year, I have been running my own business as a representative for Merde De Cheval Weight Loss Supplements.

They are 100% backed by scientific science and guaranteed to guarantee amazing levels of weight loss and other health benefits.

They are chewable, which means that you can chew them, and they also come as smoothies, soups, biscuit bars, and a concentrated solution that you inject intravenously like a Basildon smack granny.

In less than twelve months, I have been promoted all the way to Executive Senior Junior Vice President Of Commercial Augmentation (Emerald Ruby Level) by recruiting just two new reps every week and helping them develop their own businesses and become Boss Babes by just recruiting three reps who in turn recruit eight reps each to earn their first Proud Peacock bonus and put themselves only three tiers away from our annual convention in the Seychelles and a diamond-encrusted Fiat Punto.

While other MLM companies operate as a pyramid, Merde De Cheval has a far fairer structure called an ‘ever-narrowing upward triangle.’

Don’t tell me that network marketing doesn’t work! It’s just people who don’t.

For more information about taking control of your own future and having more time with your children, because having a normal job away from your kids makes you some kind of asshole apparently, just send me a message.

*WARNING. A limited number of Caca De Cheval users may experience defecation through their pee-pee hole.

For more information, please consult a clinical clinician of clinical clinics. Results may vary between light weight loss and violent death.