This is how I told a Facebook weight-loss ‘hun’ to f**k off

More and more people selling weight-loss supplements on Facebook seem to be resorting to friending and messaging completely random people to offer them their scientific products that are backed by even more scientific science, and it is wrong. Very wrong.

I don’t even need to explain why it generally isn’t a good idea to contact people and indirectly tell them that they are overweight, but this doesn’t seem to stop sales reps or Double Diamond Emerald Life Presidents or whatever from getting in touch and trying their luck.

Although this primarily seems to happen to women, someone actually tried it on with me a little while ago. Probably not the smartest move …

It wasn’t too long before someone else decided to try their luck as well, and this time they gave up a bit more of a fight.

This whole conversation is a textbook example of not taking ‘no’ for an answer, even when it became clear that I would rather hack off my wedding tackle with a rusty breadknife than purchase anything.