I avoid all speeding fines and points on my driving licence with one simple trick

As a busy father of three and husband, the last thing that I need to worry about is a fine for speeding and the points on my driving licence, and I have managed to avoid any sort of motoring punishment in my ten years of driving by following one simple trick.

All I have to do is make sure that I don’t break the speed limit.

If I am on a particular stretch of road, a combination of my knowledge of the Highway Code and local signage will usually tell me the maximum speed at which I can take my vehicle in a forward direction without setting off any speed cameras.

By applying this one life hack to my everyday driving habits, I also manage to not kill anyone or run off whinging to the local press when a pothole ruins my wheel tracking.

So how do I apply this simple trick all of the time?

I have a device fitted in my vehicle that gives me a constant readout of the speed at which I am driving forwards. It even updates itself in real time when I slow down or speed up.

There is a similar quirk of the law when it comes to legislation involving murder in the United Kingdom.

There have been a number of cases in the last twenty years or so where members of the public have managed to wriggle out of life sentences by not bludgeoning anyone to death with a whacking great brick.

If more and more motorists apply this one simple trick to their driving habits, it will also remove the need for middle-aged men holding radar guns in villages under the impression that they are some kind of Speed Rambo.