Hate watching women breastfeed in public? Check out these new anti-embarrassment glasses!

Are you sick and tired of women lustfully whipping out their boobs in public to breastfeed their babies while drawing attention to themselves?

Well my latest product could make your embarrassment a thing of the past.

My Breastfeeding Anti-Embarrassment Glasses take just seconds to apply to your face, and you can keep them on until that sex-crazed hussy has put those ‘look at me, look at me’ shirt potatoes away.

Perfect for those long KLM flights, or anywhere with people sitting around reading the Daily Mail.

I had the idea while I was sitting in a restaurant one day while flicking through a copy of Massive Jugs Magazine, and I distinctly remember gazing lustfully at Nympho Nikki from Basildon’s mammoth rack when I noticed something very troubling out of the corner of my eye.

A young woman had just started to feed her baby, and her whole left boob was out.

Although I was unable to see the nipple, it was obvious where the nipple was located even though it was being covered by the baby’s head – I had never seen such a wanton display of gratuitous nudity.

Apparently it’s not political correct to ask women to cover up during breastfeeding anymore, or even to point out that she could have fed the baby in morning before heading out of the house, and so I was inspired to create these spectacles.

One day, nursing mothers will learn to be more respectful of other people who are trying to enjoy their lunch in peace.

If I take my own bottle of wine to a restaurant, I will quite rightfully be charged a ‘corkage’ fee, and yet breastfeeding mums get away with the same concept time and time again.